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Backpacking is a wonderful way to explore the world and discover new things, but there are a few things you should know before going. Down below are some helpful tips for travelers who are in two minds about what they need to bring and are looking for some guidance.

  • Pack Your Tent.

A tent is one of the most important items to bring with you when backpacking. After all, without a tent, you are sleeping on the ground, and, as anyone who has camped knows, the ground is not always the most comfortable of places to sleep.

  • Carry a Hiking Backpack

Traveling can be tiring, and the bigger the outing, the harder it is to manage. Pack smart, though, and you will not feel stress from sore shoulders and a sore back. Carry a backpack that properly supports your back, has padded or cushioned straps, and fastens securely with zippers and straps. Your backpack should be versatile: You can wear it and use it in a variety of ways depending on what you need it for.

  • Bring Supplies Needed for Survival

Hikers, mountaineers, and backpackers often spend several days or weeks in the wilderness, cut off from civilization and some are walking on dangerous terrain. They need the supplies required for survival like food, water, and warm clothing. This must be packed properly, with the right amounts of supplies in their backpack. Additional items can be added, e.g., flashlight, compass, sunscreen, and first aid kits, if they are going somewhere that does not have close amenities for them to use.

  • Packing Medical Supplies

If you suffer from any medical issues that require a prescription or over-the-counter medicine, you must pack that straight away into your backpack and carry on, if you have one. You do not want to get deep into your travels and realize that you do not have enough to see you through. Speak to your doctor about what you need and how long for and keep monitoring it, so you remain safe whilst exploring the outdoors.

  • Consider Foldable Items 

If you need to pack quite a bit for your camping/hiking/backpacking trip, then you may want to look into how you can incorporate foldable items into your plan, as they can come in handy for anything that you may need without taking up too much space. There are foldable chairs, bowls, flasks, and even miniature blankets that can be compacted to fit into smaller spaces. Look up what you need online and see if you can find it in a foldable style.

  • Choose The Right Size and Weight 

Backpacking is a great way to enjoy the outdoors but choosing a backpack with adequate space is important. The right backpack weight should be about 10% of your body weight. So, if your weight is 250 pounds, your backpack weight should be no more than 25 pounds. Also, avoid carrying too many heavy objects in your backpack. Instead, pack the heaviest items closest to your back. This will distribute the weight better and keep you from straining your back.

Backpacking is a wonderful way to see new places and a great way to explore nature. But before you hit the trail, there are a few things you will need to do. If you are embarking upon your first backpacking adventure, it is good to do some research before heading out, particularly if you are planning to carry everything you need. Hopefully, these tips can give you some ideas about what you require without worrying that you may have missed something.

Ben Williams